April Sixth - See Me Alone Lyrics

Artist: April Sixth Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Mariposa Avenue
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Verse 1:
In this dark world, no one really cares what happens to me.
So, when I bring myself down
can you hear the words that I say to you 'cause.

It's the same as long ago,
you wouldn't know me, you wouldn't want to.
Now the sickness stays alone.

Verse 2:
Try to realize what I'm saying to you,
get it through your head that I wanna focus to believe.
'Cause you'll get what you want,
and you'll see that I'm not,
just a waste of space that denies you from when I say that...

See me alone, lone. See me alone,
I'll take tonight to enter you,
see me alone, lone, see me alone,
I'll take it to relax, see me alone, lone. See me alone.
I'll take you where you want to go.
See me alone, lone, see me alone, see me alone always!

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