Aqualung - Arrivals Lyrics

Writer(s) : HALES, MATTHEW
Artist: Aqualung Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Words and Music
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(Intro music)
It has started
Can't be stopped called the fairy mantle
Send me send me over the ocean ill find you
Not the radio not today there is nothing left
You can say just get me get me over the ocean
Ill find you

close your eyes baby close your eyes
Sunshine one more sunrise then I'm on I'm on

feel the rumbling through the chair
Feel the future in in the end
Fly me fly me over the ocean ill see you
And we're hurrying and we wait now we're tumblin
To the gate send me over the ocean to find you
Close your eyes mmmmmmmmm
Close your eyes baby close your eyes
Sunshine just this one last sunrise and I'm home
I'm home

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