Arch Enemy - Blood on Your Hands Lyrics

Writer(s) : Amott, Michael / Gossow, Angela / Amott, Christopher / Erlandsson, Daniel
Artist: Arch Enemy Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Rise of the Tyrant
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You were born your brother's keeper
Why can I see blood on your hands?
You became your brother's slayer
Embrace again upon death

At the end of all this hatred lies even deeper hate
Their darkness has defeated you- Your lifeline running backwards

Remember- Sins Of Our Fathers
A Requiem- For The Countless Dead

Blood is on your hands- The wages of sin

Theme- Michael

Future's eyes closing now
Soul eclipse taking place
Laments rise- tears of the dead
From the other side of the grave

You were born your brothers keeper
Why can I see blood on your hands?
Their darkness has defeated you
Your lifeline running backwards

Theme- Michael
Lead- Christopher
Lead- Michael
Harmony- Michael & Christopher

Theme- Michael

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