Aretha Franklin - You Grow Closer Lyrics

Artist: Aretha Franklin Lyrics
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There's a still small voice, saying to me,
"Closer, closer, grow closer to Me."
In a whispered tone, never leaves me alone;
Closer, closer, closer to Him

Oh, I want to hear every message clear,
Yes, I want every word to come through,
For if I make it in, I must walk close to Him,
Closer, closer, grow closer to Him,

Yes, I hear a voice, pleading with me,
"Quietly, quietly, commune with me.
Just steal away in secret and pray,
Quietly, quietly, come break bread with me."

So I meditate then in silence,
Wait for the joy that showers o'er me,
Yes, the Spirit dwells there, when I meet God in prayer,
Quietly, quietly, quiet moments with Him.

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