Armored Saint After Me, the Flood Lyrics

Artist: Armored Saint
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Album: Track 3 on Revelation
Length: 5:07

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Help me write these words down
I'll write a great song to die to
'Cause my days are numbered
And it's certain that I'm gonna drag you
I don't plan on going alone
I need a friend like a typhoid mary
We'll walk with a goose step
With vigor and might that's scary

There I go (down)
And I'm lovin' it

Dig way deep in
Bid farewell to a world I can't live in
I scratched the surface
And found pride was paper thin
I tried evil
I wish it had more of and impact
'Cause faith ain't helping
To rid the apes on my back

After me come the flood
Armored Saint's After Me, the Flood album cover
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