Armored Saint Creepy Feelings Lyrics

Artist: Armored Saint
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Length: 5:24

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Imagine every morbid thought
You've had throughout your life
Becoming real in the eyes
Every sucker with a weak mind
You're invited to a place
A sinister fearful haven
Where a human sacrifice
Is some stupid *** religion

What the hell is wrong with the world
Views are so distorted
No regard for human life
No law and order

Darkness, sure can be a rude awakening
No guest, has ever escaped the torturing

Creepy feelings, coming over you
Creepy feelings, lock 'em away in a room

This is all created from
Their wild imagination
The difference between truth and false
Depends on your fascination

Creepy feelings, coming over you
Protest - fools who will lead you into it
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