Army of Freshmen Crush Lyrics

Artist: Army of Freshmen
Publishers: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group
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Length: 2:19

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You never seem to hear a single word I say
Unless it's mic'd dropping through some club's p.a
Even then well my closest of friends
Write if off as some lines like they're not even mine

I close my eyes and I'll see this through
I think I almost had a crush on you
I open up as you open too
I think I almost had a crush on you

Later on well I say all the things you should say
To yourself when you know that you're not ok
Like it could be worse, yeah it's only a verse
And I'll just fade away, let the chorus save the day


And now I know well exactly what I got to do
I'm gonna kill everyone that you listen to
So when the little disc spins
And your heart beats fast when the song begins
You can sing it, play it, feel it, say it
Lay it on the line and then totally display it
My song is the one that comes out wrong

Crush on you, crush on you