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Artist: As Blood Runs Black Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Allegiance
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I looked into the eyes of a broken heart pride thats made of stone!
Why am I destroyed by love what made yourself so cold?
Is it the darkness which covers yourself black?
This isnt the girl I know who stabbed me in the back.
Facing you, your words like a gun,
one shot when you speak,
so pull the triggler and aim it at me.
Im stuch in the middle of a cross fire,
breaking me down is what you desire.
I wont let you.
So my soul will seek, inside of me,
my true self and what i believe.
Whats to become of ourselves has this love lost its meaning?
You showed me the way to love, and i came about,
then you stole my heart then left me!
Im waiting for the day to come that you'll save me!
So my soul will seek, inside of me, my true self and what I believe.
whats to become of ourselfs, has this love lost its meaning?
Pushed to the edge of this world, this is why I can't love!
the moment I hope you'll come rescue me! I will fall in love with you.
Take me away with you. take me away with you!
Suicide in my mind can't change. I can't live without you!

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