As Cities Burn - Terrible! How Terrible for the Great City! Lyrics

Artist: As Cities Burn Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Son, I Loved You at Your Darkest
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Am I a monster when i sink my teeth into her
when i don't love her
no, i don't love you
forgive me darling, but love has nothing to do with this
it has nothing to do with how i can't stop
until i get what i want from you

this is what real men keep quiet
it doesn't exist if you can hide it behind your teeth
and sleep at night next to your wife
who you love too much to tell her
you don't love her at all

i just feel as empty as the lungs
of those waiting in the womb
do you feel as empty as the lungs of those waiting
to come into this world
where being beautiful means being used

how long will we blame the devils on our shoulders
and pose like angels on the outside
when all i am is a monster

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