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Album: Track 10 on Answers
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It’s been there every single day
The energy is there for all
But I’ve never seen it’s light
But the light has taught me how to see
The way of life is different now for me

I cry out
For this to end
Is there more to life than this?

Know the answers, know the cause
Cause affects the answers that we seek
One day I hope to understand
How these things in life all relate
Is there only one true answer
Or do we choose the ones we like?
So many visions of what’s real
I hope someday I will see one

The city built upon this land
Will rise and fall in it’s own time
Forces work that we don’t understand
Events unfold by unseen plan
A house divided will not stand
Strong winds will send it crashing down
Foundation built upon the sand
The waves will wash it all away

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