At Vance - Hold Your Fire Lyrics

Writer(s) : Lenk, Olaf / Lenk, Olaf
Artist: At Vance Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Only Human
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He was a knight of the king
Who's end was near
He governed a country
Where the people lived in fear

He was following the calls
And tearing down these walls
In search for glory

One stormy night painful screams
Made him wake up from his dreams
And a mysterious voice
Told him that he had no other choice
Setting out for the land of disgrace
To kill the master and stop the raids
But long before the dawn
He left his town to a place unknown

So time will make more wise
But he had no disguise to destiny

He galloped wildly through the woods
The crown tumbling from his horse
He's got the look in his eyes
He will never give up
Cause he's ready to fight

Hold your fire
Keep the flame forever in your heart
Burning desire
Keep the flame in your heart

He rode through night and day
On his tireless horse
through the sun and the rain
Never deviating from his course
And he got to a strange place
Where the air was filled whit haze
And it made his flesh creep
Where the trees had no leaves

He was following the calls
And tearing down these walls
In search for glory

Two guards in front the door
Torn branches covering the floor
Now that he was sure
He had found the goals
That he's searching for

Hold your fire

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