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Album: Track 6 on As the Band Turns
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Silver shadow
Glowing shadow
Shining brightly
For all to see

I remember gazing on this quiet night
The stars were bright as they could be
Wonderin' if things would ever go right
And if there was a spot up there for me

Then one star got brighter by the minute
Strange that it seemed to have my name written in it
I reached for the star and it kissed me with its light
It made me cast a shadow that was silver and bright

Silver shadow
A glowing shadow
Shining brightly
For all to see

I never had any real reason
To thank my lucky stars
But now I've got a pretty good reason
'Cause I know I'm gonna go far

I believe in magic, I really do
With all that's happened, it's got to be true
I cast a silver shadow from the kiss of the light
I knew that I was destined starting with tonight

Silver shadow (Yeah)
A glowing shadow (A glowin' shadow)
Shining brightly (Shinin' brightly)
For all to see (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Silver shadow (Silver shadow)
My future's shadow (My future's shadow)
Trying to tell me (Tryin' to tell me)
Of the star I would be (Ooh...)

Since I was chosen among the rest
I dedicate myself, I'm gonna be the very best
And my shadow forever silver will remain
And the world will always remember my name

Silver shadow
A glowing shadow
Shining brightly
For all to see (Can't believe I cast a silver shadow)

Silver shadow
My future's shadow
Trying to tell me
Of the star I would be

Hey yeah

You're my shadow love
Silver and bright, a sparkling thing
Look at my shadow glow
Think I'm gonna be a star, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Look at my shadow glow
Glowin' so brightly, this wonderous thing
Look at my shadow glow
Look at my silver shadow, shadow, shadow, shadow

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