Au Pairs - Dear John Lyrics

Artist: Au Pairs Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Playing With a Different Sex
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Dear John - cherchez la femme?
Dear John - round the bend?
Dear John - still looking for me?
Dear John - still like what you see?
Dear John - find a sex-machine
It will help with your fantasy
But there is only room for one
and here she comes, here she comes
The car - is it kingfisher blue?
The house - do I welcome you?
do I recline like the seats in your head?
sex-tech objects locked in your head?
Dear John - I'm waiting for you
Restaurant - I've ordered for two
Spread upon and around the tables
Ex-bed, horny fables
Dear John - find a sex-machine
It will help you with your fantasy
But there'e only room for one
And here she comes, here she comes

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