Au Pairs - Set-Up Lyrics

Artist: Au Pairs Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Playing With a Different Sex
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Playing your game / your mother substitute
She is she / That you never screwed
Playing your game / Her life revolves round and round you
A total investment / Can't afford to love
You're the prize for her sacrifice - A kiss in the morning
A kiss late at night
She's closing her eyes
To those possible lies
Keeping the doubts
Locked tight up inside
Playing your game / She taking care of you
Watching out for your head / When you're sick
She puts you to bed / She props you up
nurses you through / she's here to look after you
Playing your game / with the rules that you've set
We're on either side / Am I such a threat
Playing your game / Taking care of your needs
She is your security / I may remark on your insensitivity
But you know she wouldn't listen to me

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