Audioslave - Sound of a Gun Lyrics

Writer(s) : Cornell, Chris / Wilk, Brad / Commerford, Tim / Morello, Tom
Artist: Audioslave Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Revelations
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In the here and now I wait
Among the young and the old
Between the moon and the ground I play
With my children in my home
This is for the daughters and sons
Of forgotten ones
Learning how to stand
This is for the innocent unknowns
Buried in the sand

Running from the sound of a gun

Running from the sound of a gun
Til you're weary
Running from the sound of a gun

In the crack of the blackness I wake
It's getting closer every night
My city playground is a battleground
Between the wrong and the right
I could run free as a child
I was safe and wild
Naked and unarmed
Now I'm grown and safe in my home
But some will never stop


The open mouth of the city
Swallowed the town
With that same old concrete
That I still walk down
And it seems they put a shine
On this place when I was young
But baby I just don't see it now


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