August Burns Red - Count It All As Lost Lyrics

Artist: August Burns Red Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Rescue & Restore
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I want to believe these words are more than letters to me. I want to believe a covenant to stand the battlefield of time. Many times I've written words holding me to stay pure. Where is the truth in these motions, afterwards feeling motionless? I keep breaking my promises. I keep breaking my word to you and I. I keep breaking my promises. Once again, I'm letting you down. How must a broken man fix his brokenness if he's not the answer? I can't do this on my own. I need you here. Each and every day that passes leaves me worse off than before. Many times I've sworn I wouldn't look back. Never look back. Instead of fighting to be a man I just want to know who I am. Fighting with my fists leaves me bloody and broken almost every single time, so I'm going at it with your strength instead of mine. Please be my strength. I've carried this burden long enough. With a heart of conviction, I've betrayed us both. I have to forfeit. The shame is too much to take. Take the lead and reign over me. You knew you'd find me here. It took me losing sight to count it all as lost, for me to see that I'm finally found. Count it all as lost. There's so much more to gain. Count it all as lost. Take the lead and reign over me.

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