Augustana - Either Way, I'll Break Your Heart Someday Lyrics

Writer(s) : Flynn, Michael Francis / Layus, Daniel
Artist: Augustana Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Can't Love, Can't Hurt
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All I have are the way things go
Well I don't know
I just don't know
Make up some simple lies
And compromise
How I live

Cuz' either way I'll break your heart someday
But leaving you is the last thing on my mind
So when I call
Baby kiss me slow so I don't forget my way back home
When its cold

Sail away
On a wayward ship
With candy lips in my grip
Cheap perfume
Oh it never lies
It can't surprise
Any good advice


Well I miss you in the winter
Your friends say I should listen
Can't you see I've loved you all along
Well if America don't like me
You can say I finally
The kind of man who only likes the gun
Shoot anyone, shoot anyone


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