Aus-Rotten - The Flag Will Cover Coffins Lyrics

Artist: Aus-Rotten Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on The System Works for Them
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Burn your countries flags
Fuck your patriotic pride
Fuck the politicians and the shit they try to hide
They make you pay their taxes and they make you fight their wars
But they won't feed the hungry and they don't care about the poor
Instead they try and take you for all your fucking worth
And they separate with flags all the people of the earth
They exploit our different cultures and enhance our sickening greed
And they get the hatred rising which is exactly what they need
But what about the people's needs
Will they be unfulfilled
Ane what of those who speak out? Will those "traitors" then be killed?
The only traitors that exist are the traitors to mankind
The ones who put the money first and the people's need behind
They say is we don't love our country then get the hell out
Should we be thankful to die in battle for what our flag's about?
Well fuck off
Fuck you
Fucking hear this
Your ignorant petty support doesn't mean piss
Don't support, no matter what the cause
Your fucking flags and damn religion just feed corporate claws
I renounce my citizenship from the U.S.A. and I'd suggest the same for any country
Because countries kill the people's will with their patriotic lie
And every fucking day you're killing who they say and you never even wonder why
Why do we blindly follow what our leaders have to say?
Instead let's make them answer to the people they betray
We don't owe our leaders anything so fuck what they demand
Then disregard their fucking lies and bury them where they stand
The flags will cover coffins where these fuckiers will now lie
And we'll give a flag to their families when these poor bastards die
Natonalistic pride is fucking shit why can't the people see
As long as flags fly up above us no one's really free

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