Avalon - My Heart, My Soul (Feat. Aaron Neville) Lyrics

Artist: Avalon Lyrics
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if you were a road, i'd learn every turn,
till i could find my way with my eyes close
if you were a song i'd sing along,
till i know every word and every note

but you are everthing to me,
a mystery, your the love i live to see

by heart, by soul
that's how i want to know you
keep you as close as breath is to life
wanna watch your love unfold
by heart, (by heart), by soul

if you were a place, i'd stay my whole life,
so i'd had every corner memorized
and if you were a star, i'd follow you home,
you would be the light that is my only guide

you are everything to me,
my a to z, and will be forever and eternity


i wanna know you inside and out,
better then i even know myself


if you were a star,
i'd follow you home by heart, by soul

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