Avalon You're Everything To Me Lyrics

Artist: Avalon
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Everything To Me
By: Avalon

Igrew up in Sunday school,
I memorized the golden rule,
And how Jesus came to set the sinner free.
I know the story inside-out.
And I can tell you all about the path that led him up to Calvary.
But ask me why he loves me,
And I don't know what to say.
But I'll never be the same because,
He changed my life when he became.....

Everything to me,
He's more than a story,
More than words on a page,
Of history.
He's the air that I breathe.
The water I thirst for,
And the ground beneath my feet,
Oh he's everything,
Everything to me.

We're living in uncertain times,
And more, and more,
I find that I'm aware of just how fragile life can be.
I wanna tell the world I found,
A love thet turned my life around.
They need to know,
What they can taste and see.
Now every day I'm prayin',
Just to give my heart away.
I wanna live for Jesus,
So that someone else can see that he is....


And lookin' back over my life,
At the end.
I'm gonna meet you,
Sayin' you've been....

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