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i dont care what my mama say
i dont care what my daddy say
i dant care bout what the preacher said for us to do
i dont care bout what your brother saw
i dont care it was all your fault
how could you do what you did to me
you wait til i was sleep to call the damn police
seperate what we gotta do
seperate talkin bout me and you
seperate mmm ho its gotta be
seperate no more you and me

i dont know what you callin for
so dont you come trying to kick down my door
everything is mine to keep
money, car, crib, my kid everything
(avant) not everything but my boy you can have i dont care
as long as you dont cross my path
now i know you never cared at all for two years yove been my downfall


avant-never did explain when i saw you in his benz
kelly-so what about the movie you said he was your friend
avant-but listen in the bathroom talking low on the phone
kelly-well what do you expect when aint ever at home
avant-you see im workin all day& hustlin all night
kelly-im cookin and im waitin and all you want to do is fight
avant-why me
kelly-why me
both:i think its bout time we both move on we gone seperate


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