Avenger of Blood - Complete Annihilation Lyrics

Artist: Avenger of Blood Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Complete Annihilation
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Violent thoughts in their minds You must die Vicious ways rule their lives Endless pain Now is the sacrifice Blood splattered everywhere Now is the time of death Flesh will melt from bone [Chorus] Heat like the core of the sun Now face your death from above Complete annihilation Wave of shock - skulls collapse Silenced cries Watch the world scream in pain All life dies Warnings are in the sky Soon you will evaporate Death's lust will have you now Watch the world incinerate [Chorus] Cruel intention Desolation No rebirth Isolation Ghastly future Of the earth Devastation Man's invention Evil seed Fascination Incineration Watch it bleed No life left - barren world Darkened skies Frozen winds - acid rain Earth's demise Violently pacified Man returns to the dust Scorched black the records lie Underneath the planet's crust [Chorus]

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