Avenger of Blood - Poserslaughter Lyrics

Artist: Avenger of Blood Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Death Brigade
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Sick of your stupid ways
And your narrow point of view
I'm waiting for the day of your demise
The stain of blood
Will soon be on our hands
Because you stand for all that we despise

We know what's inside
Metal license denied

To crush the weakest will
And to slay the trendy ones
Our pressing goal and our desire in life
With metal chains
We strangulate the false
And dominate this sphere with crushing might


[Lead - Marc]
[Lead - Eric]

Die in pain
Blood begins to spill as we take your life
Gone insane
From the sight of trends they'll never last
Spikes and chains
The hammer will trike a crushing blow
No remains
Memory of you forever gone
Born of flames
Thrash in our veins keeps us alive
Die in pain
Blood begins to spill as we take your life
Leather, Denim, Bullets, Spikes
We are your nightmare, you will die
No remains
Memory of you forever gone

We stand as one
Our destiny
Metal lives on
Armies will arise
We will assault
Until we die
The end is near
Destiny arrives

Our vengeance will be swift
The guillotine blade will fall
Amputate the infiltrating eyes
You cannot hide
True metal shall arise
Exterminate the posers from our lives


Thrash 'til we die!

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