Avenger of Blood Scent of Death Lyrics

Artist: Avenger of Blood
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A life of punishment Sick in the mind A shell of twisted life Empty inside Thoughts deranged Mental scarring From the past Tears of blood Overflowing No one cares [Chorus:] Nothing left (but the) Scent of death The voices came to me Deep in my dreams Eternal promises Power unseen So tonight My assignment Is to kill I have been Captivated To the end [Chorus] I rise at night like the time before My victim's blood spills upon on the floor A display of banishment No escape from my torment I hear the call from beyond the gate I am a vessel of my masters hate As possession swallows me Path of light I cannot see Obey my overlord Forced by his will Voices tear me apart Bloodlust my vice Hearts are cut From the victims Of my rage Reasons for Seven slaughters Are fulfilled Nothing left Final breath Of your soul Scent of death