Avenger of Blood Trapped in Time Lyrics

Artist: Avenger of Blood
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Soon I will bring to the world The tortures of my mind Fall to the bringer of death And unrelenting pain This is a shadow of victory A persecuted world I bring the evil to life And turn the darkness into pain [Chorus:] Spirit of the underworld Trapped in time Spirit of the underworld Forever trapped in time Seeking to capture your mind The entity of fame Power to shatter your life A master of this game Listen to all of the lies of gold A contract sealed in blood Drown in the rivers of death I feed upon your tortured screams [Chorus] I deceive All of my chosen ones Bathed in blood Lust for torture Bring to life My morbid fantasies Twisted souls I devour Bring to me What I so dearly crave Tortured souls Feed my hunger [Chorus]