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I used to like you not no more

Listen up I hate you
hes likes me now... what do I do?
In the gym
hes sittin down
I sit in front of him,I'm turned around
My friends say things like give this to her
She won't care,what would it hurt?

I hate you now go away
It never does make my day
when people say you like me
but really what does it mean
when you sit right behind me or anything

At band
nicco says you like me
I never do believe it
why should I anyway
tomorrow is another day
I'm sittin here wastin away
you come through the door
no limit anymore

I hate you now go away
it never does make my day
when people say you like me
what does it mean
I hate you
Get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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