Avulsed - Nice Rotting Eyes Lyrics

Artist: Avulsed Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Stabwound Orgasm
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[lyrics: dave rotten]

a fascination - for human eyes
of any colour - from any race
a chest of drawers - full of dried eyes
that he collected - from his girlfriends

normally a girl - lasted for a week
just time enough - to pull her eyes
didn't need sex - didn't need love
her pretty eyes - his best treasure

nice rotting eyes <i>[x4]

tied on a stretcher - completely engaged
wide open eyelids - dilated pupils

nice rotting eyes <i>[x4]

removing her eyes - with delicacy
they'll be carefully - classified
the eyeless corpses - were carbonized
nothing remains - just heir precious eyes

nice rotting eyes <i>[x4]

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