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Chorus: Only you can have my soul Oh oh oh you can have it all Everything you want, my heart, my love To you baby love forever Let me explain how I feel about you First it's to easy to say I need, I love you I will try to describe what I mean, how it feels like For that, I use worked melodies sinceres You were my heaven on earth, the light of myself Through you I gave birth, you made me a woman Every colour of my world, that's what you are Like a lion rules the jungle you rule my heart Chorus Thank you You turn my nights into days Cause every second and a minute of each hour I need to see your face I need you, touch you, smell you,hug you,all through the day Kiss you, hug you, smell you, touch you, teas you, please you and say your name Chorus Bridge: No matter what we'll be, with you and me You'll always have my soul, my heart, my love my everything x2 Chorus x2 (Merci à Soso pour cettes paroles)

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