B*Witched - Are You A Ghost Lyrics

Artist: B*Witched Lyrics
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It's two in the morning
I'll tell you why i'm awake
There it goes, that creepy feeling again
Round in my head
Oh again here in my head

Here in the darkness
Oh there's so many shades
Shadows burn like faded flames
And die into the night, ooh and fly
Up so high, ooh

Are you a ghost?
Or are you alive?
Would you be here for me (ooh, ooh)
Be here for me now
Or are you for real?
Just give me a sign (sign)
And i'll know

Cool wind is blowing
Fingers through hair
Standing in an empty room, alone
It feels like you're there
Ooh alone
I know that you're there


I'll tell you what
I know (i know)
I'll tell you how
I feel (feel)

[Chorus: x2]

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