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Verse 1
Is this the only way to learn now?
It's the only to part
I sleep at night and remember
All the words you said to me

It won't be long (wont be long)
And I will believe (and I will believe)
That you will be there
(That you will be there)
Don't say never

Dont say never (Dont say never)
To all your dreams now
Cause never is a very long time
To be far away
And I will tell you (and I will tell you)
Just dont say never (Just dont say never)
To all inside your heart
(all inside your heart)
It's Alright
aah aah aah aah

Verse 2
So Only time will tell the future
Like rain you know it falls
Now here at last soon together
Just a night away you'll see



Don't Say Never
Don't Say Never
Don't Say Never
Don't Say Never
Don't Say Never
Don't Say Never
Don't Say Never

Chorus (x 2

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