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Don't play around you saw us (repeat)
Don't you ever walk that way (repeat)
The right thing to do (repeat)
Just doing what you do (repeat)

Tell me you're tired of hanging around
And dreaming your life away
We've got the feeling of Saturday night
So come on lets hear you say

Everybody gather round
Don't you know what we have found
Ooh get happy
A, be , see count me in 1, 2, 3
Ooh get happy

Take a ride of glory
(so tell me what's your story)
So keep the bad vibs well away (repeat)
Whatcha gonna do oh (repeat)
Kicking off with something new (repeat)


Ooh everybody (alright) get happy
Ooh everybody (alright) get happy

Ah-e-ay (yay)

Come on!

Ooh everybody get happy
(123 clap your hands)
Ooh everybody get happy (alright)
Ooh everybody get happy (alright)
Ooh everybody get happy (alright)

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