B.G. Made Man Lyrics

Artist: B.G.
Publishers: ©Ultra Tunes
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Length: 4:39

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Verse:1 B.G.
I been in this game for awhile I'm a paid man now (huh bruh)
On my sixth solo album I'm a made man now (yep)
Six years strong in this game
Been doing my thang (respect)
Livin' a millionaire dream (dream)
All my *****s worth ten Gs (off top)
Twenty on my rolex five on my pinky ring
In my younger day I was facin' penitentiary (fa sho)
I was packin' 22s back in elementary (i saved ya)
I done been through it all
A mutha****in' juvenile I can go through fall (off top)
Hookin' up with my partnas takin' *****s to war (huh bruh)
Gettin' street drivers and poppin' up a ***** car (car)
Before the school bell ring I was smokin' a gar (gar)
Runnin' to my mama residence off the set (set)
Snatchin' bundles of rock is something that I regret (no mo)
But I done shaked that life 'cause B.G. got plans (off top)
From being a wise guy to becoming a made man

(Chorus) 4x
I got the right to hold a K up in my hand
'cause I'm a mutha****in' mutha****in' made man *****

Verse:2 Baby
***** I'm a made man gold mouth dog (what)
Tattooed and scarred up playboy my neck and wrist fog (say dat)
But these white folks tryin' ta bust a ***** balls (**** dem)
Tru to life game spittin' since 96 boy (alright)
Now I'm out cha with my homies and I'm actin' a hog (actin')
Tru to what I seek tryin' ta live my songs fall (livin')
***** outta line puttin' ten on his feet
Mutha****as creep
***** want war lets take it to the street
Me and my lil b.g. tag teamin' in 93
I keep it real with my family and my ****in' peeps (****in' right)
***** disrespect lets put the ***** to sleep (put'em ta sleep)
I'm discreet about the things that I do on the streets
Them *****s be sayin' baby put that ****in' boy to sleep (baby done that?)
Them *****s be sayin' baby put that change on his feet (baby done that?)
I got these *****s sayin' that boy babys a crook (a crook?)
I got these hoes sayin' that boy baby off the hook (he off the hook)
Lockin' down the whole project
For self-respect (lock it down)
And them police be sayin I know he on paper he got a tech (aint that cold)
***** i'm a mutha****in' made man
**** with my lil B.G.s and ***** you a dead man
Helicopters and choppers is what I save man
I'm a paid man
'Til I'm a dead man
***** I'm a mutha****in' made man
I'm mutha made man

(Chorus) 4x

Verse:3 B.G.
I'm on a level where I ride on dubbs now (on dubbs)
I'm on a level old timers give me love now (love)
I walk the street ***** respect the B.G. (fa shizzi)
Because I made it I'm a major part of CMB (off top)
Baby gave me the game at a young age
Handle yo businees bust a head if you feel played (fa shizzi)
And best believe I done took some *****s off the shelf
God forgive me I got a graveyard under my belt (forgive me lawd)
I done walked in the killer shoes
The drug dealer shoes
Done bad masked up and gave *****s blues
I been in the game for awhile I done graduated
I feel deep down in my heart I can't be faded
You don't know what I done been through
To get to (not at all)
Where I'm at now cross me I'll flip you (fa sho)
I'm doin' hella good but I done done bad (millionaire dream)
I'm glad to say that i'm a made man (off top *****)

(Chorus) 4x

[Talking] B.G.
My ***** Juve a mutha****in made man *****
My ***** Fresh a mutha****in made man *****
I know Baby a muth****in made man *****
Suga slim a mutha****in made man *****

(Chorus and talking until end)
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