Hustle (Feat. Young Jeezy) Lyrics


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Hundred grand in my bag steady getting cash
Catch me on the block in a '07 Jag
Cause I hustle hustle hustle
Watch my hustle hustle hustle

Rubber band around my money and my neck full of ice
If you see me on the block I got it for the right price
Cause I hustle hustle hustle
Watch my hustle hustle hustle

However you gotta get it nigga get that dough
Spit that flow or flip that hoe
Pimp that hoe or push that dro
You know the work in the house go kick in that door
I make that money Gizzle chase that money
Yeah you know I ball and I flash that money
All in my sleep I could taste that money
I go to jail fuck it buy the case with the money
You got the game up you gon' waste that money
Business eating in your face that'll show you ya love me
At the end of the day a gangster don't crush ya
It's M.O.E. can't knock the hustle


[Young Jeezy]
17 a piece please don't get me started
Or this mother fucking cake gon' act retarded
In your front yard nigga mow your own lawn
Now your girl's here baby just hold on
A certified thug nigga
To who it may concern look I am not a drug dealer
I'm just playing
How much you trying to spend nigga I'm just saying
In my Aston Martin looking like James Bond
Swear to God I could get 20 in the Avalon
Another 30 in the Maxima
You know you owe a nigga dog so I ain't even asking ya


Whether it's hoes on the strip or bricks on the street
One thing for sure is a nigga gon' eat
One thing for sure is a nigga gon' get it
Show me a sweet hustle B.G. gon' hit it
Chopper City the business how you think I did it double
I hustle I struggle I struggle I hustle
Yeah you ending now a real nigga never stop
Quit I think not I do it for the block
I was still hot running shit through the pot
Now I'm warming up like I want that number one spot
Wanna learn how to grind sit back and watch
I'm a set the line from the bottom to the top


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