B.G. - Hard Times Lyrics

Artist: B.G. Lyrics
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Album: Track 14 on Chopper City in the Ghetto
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Who put this **** together

I done done it all from jackin' and slangin' ***** trust that
Stealin' cars snortin' dope gettin' bust at
Never goin' ta school all kinda bull-****
They callin' my moma in I got her lookin' unfit
But look it ain't Cint fault I turned out this way
Its my fault she told me right from wrong everyday
When my daddy got killed I think that's when I went a stray
Mark Nell L.T. and me made *****s lay on they face
We was about that gunplay and on the grind
We was on a paper chase we wanted ta shine
Gotta get it how you live where the **** I'm from
Gotta keep it on the real where the **** I'm from
Growin' up in the streets best believe its dangerous
They lock us up but the jail ain't changin' us
You'll make it how i live if you don't mind dyin'
Growin' up in my shoes best believe was hard times *****

(Chorus) 2x
Hard times got a ***** in all black
I'm goin' jack for that silver pack where its at
Hard times got the B.G. drove *****
Hard times got me duckin' them white folks *****

Its a hard time comin' up where I'm from like a twister spinnin'
Don't get caught in it
Its drastic drama its everyday life whoa
Jackin' is a way of livin 'if you ain't on the right road
I move fast my people say I need ta slow down
Close ya nose or ya gonna go down
I'm beefin' with different sets I'm duckin' them white folks
Playin' my hoes close
They tied up like a rope
I'm slangin' tryin' ta make a million and chill
Buy a ten story buildin' and a football field
Diamonds round my neck and wrist plenty golds in my grill
*****s gone get holes in they head if they don't keep it real
My mama cryin' 'cause she think I'ma get my head bust
But I tell her growin' up with no daddy is rough
Welfare ain't enough
And I want to shine
So I'm goin get mine ***** and get out these hard times whoa

(Chorus) 2x

Me and my *****s buyin' cars don't give a **** what its costin'
Neighborhood superstar Hot Boy$ bout flossin'
Crossin any of us get that put in a coffin
You don't hear we loss a shoot-out very often
We ballin'
Shot callin'
Walkin' to the top
And when we get there believe we closin' shop
I'm lettin' my law down makin' Gs *****
I done been through them hard times I'm makin' chesse *****
Me and Fresh can hook up and make a hit with ease *****
Fade me the B.G. pretty please *****
I'm a six figure
Money go-getter
Drivin' expedition
Bet a ***** quick and put another hoe in her position
Riches is what I'm chasin' everyday *****
Killin' bustas bringin that ***** in my way *****
Tryin' ta shine Ca$h Money on the grind *****
Stackin' gingles 'cause we done been through hard times ***** peep me

(Chorus) - repeat to end

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