B.G. Jungle Feat. Juvenile Lyrics

Artist: B.G.
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B.G.: uh huh

imma gorilla//imma dog//imma beast//imma snake//im tha type that'll walk up//and
put ten hollows to ya face//imma tiger//imma lion//imma bear//im panther//if u
ballin//imma be tha one that's gonna snatch ya//imma fool//when im beefin//actin
nigguhz aint kool//dont think twice//first line//so i do wha i gotta do//so i
gas up my click//load up tha phuckin iron//vest up and creep mo bills//jump in
dat bytch and ride//if i catch ya//imma do ya//imma smoke ya//imma kill ya//imma
spank ya//imma wap ya//geeszy gone deal wit cha//i dont play//aye azzhole//B.G.
dont lolly-gag//i get dis pussy nigguh//ready fo dey body bags//imma clown//not
tha type that'll play wit choe chile//im da type that go chicka blio//chicka
blio//watch out//when that thing in my hand//imma untamed animal//str8 up//clean
up man/


imma animal in tha jungle//so u betta beware//it aint nothin but
gorillas//lions//tigers//and bears//imma gang witta nigguh//get ready to
scratch//got chu runnin like a bytch//tryin to avoid tha attack//

aint no rabbit//aint no rat//imma souljah//dat leave ya hell//aint no cat//aint
no turtle//aint no beefin out tha shell//aint no mut//aint no munkey//far from
bein a duck//believe me i swim//come in tha water try yo luck//u gonna
drown//guaranteed when u go under//u wont come up//from uptown//and uptown
nigguhz//dont give a phuck//my hood iz a jungle fulla nigguhz//that are
wildlife//picture a untamed gorilla//wit a k aint nothin nice//so u know//that
get in his way//u lose yo life//so reverse that//get in front me//u lose yo
life//im like alligator//crocodile//quiet and late that//they slip//get
comfortable//i strike and kill tha prey//take the life out of em//stand there
and watch em stop breathin//watch em fade into that upper world//know one day
ill see em//but fo nah phuck em//see u when i see ya nigguh//i know at this
moment//i wouldnt wanna be ya nigguh


imma lil creepa//jus like a cheetah//slackin a ??feetzstra??//teck freeze//when
i reach down fo my heata//people say im dangerous//i need a lease and a
coppa//cut em like a rock (wha wha)// a wiler//u got it //and i want it//ill
ducktape ya//getta lock on u like a pittbull//put a hole in u and shake ya//aint
no way u gone stump a me//yeah i feel ya tryin to play me//im like mike when i
bite//leave yo bytch azz rabies//from tree to tree//from tha block i be
hangin//nuts swangin//duck it //fuck it//im lookin mangy//i gives a phuck//i
lives a wildlife//like jungle animals//catch us gettin it how we live on
discovery channel//u got to be a snake//to even know how to survive//pussy cats
got 9 lives//dawgs like me got 1 live//so u gotta manage it // we feel
threatened by anything we gotta handle it//we livin scandalous/

[chorus] (2x
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