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When I wake up from a full night of sleep,
I put my best foot forward indeed,
And as the colors begin to sink,
They seem to say to me, C'mon,
[x4:] C'mon, C'mon, ya gotta put me on, (You gotta put me on)

[Verse 1:]
Ever since I first arrived here,
I've been, on the run like an eye tear,
And it, took me a while to get my life steered,
But now I'm in the moment,
While I reside here,
That's why I coordinate with my gear,
So you could feel the Feng Shui, soon as I'm near,
And people have the nerve to say that I'm weird?
But you just in a box,
So get your mind clear,
Yeah, Yeah,
That good music man, we gotta hear,
So we could get the vibe high, like a light gear,
Or maybe,
Fly high like five deer,
Call me Santa Claus,
When I come through I gotta put 'em on...

[Voice (Echo):]
I gotta put 'em on...


[Verse 2:]
Well, ever since I was eleven,
I have, found heaven in my self expression,
Nope, my childhood I never left it,
Yes, I'm still a big kid, though I never stress it,
Yet, memory is ever lastin,
So, I make moves with a special method,
That, allow my dreams to get manifested,
So your plastic Promise Land, no, I can't accept it,
This life I lead is a very blessed one,
So, that's why fans have many questions,
Yet, I still leave any guessin,
I'm an artist so I gotta have a bad collection,
I put 'em on...

[Voice (Echo):]
I put'em on...

[Chorus x2]

[x4:] C'mon, C'mon, ya gotta put me on, (You gotta put me on)

[x4:] You gotta put me on...

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