B2K - Sexy Boy Christmas Lyrics

Writer(s) : Grandberry, Omari / Jones, Jerome / Houston, Marques B / Minter, Toby / Stokes, Chrise / Garcia, Richard / Frederic, Dreux
Artist: B2K Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Santa Hooked Me Up
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Sexy, Boy

Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy
Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy

[Lil Fizz]
Oh, I'm a sexy boy
With fly whips and toys
S-5, knowing hard type
You sayin' "Oh boy"

Lookin' sick in my j shorts and throw back
Lookin' at yo man now you want to throw em back
'Cause I'm too sick for medicine to help
And I'm just too cocky

I'm sorry I can't help but uh
Listen babe I don't mean no harm
I guess you could just say
I'm a lucky charm

Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy
Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy

Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy
Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy

Sexy boy who?
You talkin' to me?
Please keep me awake
Before I go to sleep

Hang time too long
Game time too strong
So if yo girl is lookin'
Please don't be ala

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