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Album: Track 11 on Pandemonium
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Here's another day
Of you trippin' out on me, huh
I could retaliate
And bring the ghetto out of me, huh

But I'm feelin' you
But not the things you do
I'd rather set you straight
Then smack you in you're face

This is not you're ex-relationship
'Cause all I gotta say

Girl you just don't realize
You gotta figure out
I'm not like the other guy
Because I wear saggy jeans
Tim boots and don't lie
Like the rest do
you gotta figure out
I'm not like the other guy
Not like the other guy

There's no reason for
All these crazy confrontations, huh
Let's set the record straight
You're the only one for me, huh

Mature at heart I am
Please just understand, o.k huh look
First I gave you up
Then I played the role
Then I fell in love with you girl


Heartfelt unselfish love
All thoughts revolve around you

Uh I mean I just
I don't understand
I mean I know what you had
And wut you've been through
But I'm here and I'm different


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