B2K - Back It Up Lyrics

Writer(s) : Grandberry, Omari / Kessee, Kelton / Oliver, Tony / Houston, Marques B / Jones, Jerome / Frederic, Dreux / Houston, Jarell / Thornton, Demario
Artist: B2K Lyrics
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Album: Track 15 on Pandemonium
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Uh, what I see you
Shakin it girl
Yeah uh, check it out
What b2k once again
Platinum status
Uh, pandemonium talk to um O

Its one o'clock in the mornin'
We in the 7 45 just rollin'
I see some OK chicks ova my shoulder
They want to know
They want to know
What we doin' and where we goin'
Y'all keep questionin' but y'all not knowin'
We not feelin' y'all so keep movin'
We don't want to roll nowhere with y'all

Girl you need to be up on me
Back it up
Don't leave me here standin' lonely
Back it up
I'm just tryin' to get my groove on
Back it up
'Cause we ain't playin'
And I ain't playin' so baby girl lets do the thing

Now we dancin' everybody movin'
All the chic in here shakin' they booty
Throwin' it up the fells is sayin' ooh wee
I think this girl know I'm loosin'control
How she shakin' it got me trippin'
I know I got this one I'm never slippin'
The way she lookin' I know she wit it
So grab ya coat and baby lets go


What what's that deal
All up on me girl you need to chill
Outta control like a car with three wheels
I can't be with you I can't pay ya bills
Whatcha doin' now you need to do lesser
I thought I told you three feet no pressure
You ain't gettin' nowhere with you hand gestures
You not findin' a dude like me so God bless ya'

[Chorus: x3]

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