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i knew u for bout a day and then u asked me out i said
yes cuz i knew i really liked u but now i wish i could take
some of the stuff i did and said back cuz i no i said some really
bad stuff and did sum stuff wrong and i hate that but then agian
u did to.


i jus love u so much jus so much i could cry and i no u
dont believe me i jus wish u did cuz i love u and i no i shouldnt
have let u go but i did and i hate that so much but i dont think i can
get u back that really SUCKS!


ok so now i no u have a girlfriend and that she was my best friend
but like i said before i cant do nothin now but i wish i could go back go
back to the day befor we met cuz i would no that i wouldnt get my heart broken
but i made a mistake and i wish i wouldnt have

***chours***(repeat 3x)

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