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Ay you know what
This track obviously don't need no talkin' on it, but I gotta do it
Big Tank. let y'all know you know what I'm all about
When I take it to the flo'

Is everybody ready
Now I don't mean to brag or not
but I don't think you know wat you done this time (NO)
It's no games when I do my thang
I put it on you like what's my name, (wats my name)
You can't hang believe you can't, but you in tha right place if you came to get spanked
Let me brake you off (to tha trak from Big Tank)
No holdin back (cuz trust me ya'll can't)

I'ma get down low (Best ya know and if)
You ain't know (you're about to know and 1)
2-3-4 (moves or mo')
And get broke like you ain't never been broke before
Now let's go (let's go)
You want it (you want it)
Then you better get ready 'cause this what you gon' get
Anyway you want it
We can take it to the WINDOW to the WALL (or better yet)

[Chorus: x2]
We can take it to the floor
Tell me wat you want to do wit me
We can take it to the floor
Baby you don't want to fool wit me

Now I don't know who you think you are
But trust when I go, believe I go hard (so hard)
So strong baby all night long
I don't stop till the break of dawn (break of dawn)
See ma is an all out war
I bet you leavin wit your back sore
'cause I got wat you're lookin for
Have 'em comin back like GIMME SOME MORE

I'ma get down Low (best ya know and if)
You ain't know (you're about to know and 1)
2-3-4 (moves some more)
Get ya broke like you never been before
Let's go (lets go)
You want it(you want it)
Then you better get ready 'cause this Wat you gonna get
Any way you want it
We can take it to the WINDOW to he WALL (or better yet)

[Chorus: x2]

Tip divin, so socializin
Temperatures risin we on the floor we grindin
Can you imagine if I put all my time in
Girl you'd be gon my love hit like a lineman
This ain't no game ma
I ain't jus rhymin and I ain't panilly ain't no panamimin'
Look I jus want to get wit you
Jus woop in tha coupe wit you
I don't care what dese roosters do
ain't tha first dude tryin to floss all his loot
You been a bad girl I gotta spank ya
I had a good workout now I gotta thank ya
Yeah I told you to get grown wit it
Wit dat booty you shouldn't have left home wit it
Gon get it, gon get it, get it girl
Ima squirrel just tryin to get a nut go where, to tha FLO'!

[Chorus: x4]

Get 'em Get em
Get O, get em
Get em O,
Get em O, get em

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