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Album: Track 2 on B2K
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Hey yo
This is a little,
little something for the brothers,
Hey, a little anthem,
To let, to let the ladies know,
What a brother needs,
We need a little understanding,
Ya know what I'm saying,
Like this
(Like this)

La da da da da da da (Like this, like this)
La da da da da da da (Like this, like this)

(Check it) I'm young
Like to hang wit my crew
Have fun
But it seems like all the girls I know
Neva understood that flow
(But) This one
When I first met her she was, so cool
But, when I told her I need space
She got all in my face

Realizing what I need
The kind of girl to be
For me
Now I see it's gonna take
Some understanding

Got to be the one I'm lookin' for
The perfect one i need
Ya gotta be sexy and secure
And be understanding
'Cause I'm the kinda guy that likes to work
No drama, that's just me
If ya want to be the one i want
Then be understanding

(Now check it) One girl
She had a little game
Personality for days
Insane, the cutest little hot ****
She had the body and with that go with it
(But) She had, a problem with insecurities
Jealousy (With me)
I'm not the one for drama tho
So I had to let her go


If you understand (if you understand me)
Take my hand and show me (show me girl)
That you can be all i need
And we can fall in love

[Chorus: x3]

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