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Artist: Babes in Toyland Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Nemesisters
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I taste your love
You waste my mind
I've become hungry
All of the time

For something I've never
Savored before
But it's the less, that
You feed me, from this
Empty Shelf, I myself become

You fed me, I ate it
You hurt me, and I hate it

I never meant to, step on your toes,
But isn't that the way
It seems it always goes
Spun like a tornado, my
Mind is twisted on

Your barbed wire fence
That's built higher
Than you've ever been

You fed me, I ate it
You hurt me, and I hate it

Silent, quiet, too scared to try it

Stabbed how many times does your
Sacred heart bleed
Is it my soul you want
Or is it something that you need

I taste your love
You waste my mind
I tasted your love
You wasted my mind

Don't feed me, won't eat it
Don't hurt me, delete it.

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