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Yea das my shorty doowah
Yea das my shorty doowah(I love the thangs she do)
Yea das my shorty doowah(I love the thangs she do)
And I can't wait till I'm alone with you

Verse 1
I betcha neva seen a shorty so fly.
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Throwin' up, playa wave to my partnas on da block
Dey all show love to my shorty doowah
In da juicy fruit jeans bumpin' three fifteens
Livin' every fantasy a ghetto girl dreams
Watch her swing her thang as she bend into da corner
Lookin' way cool comin' thruy with the doja
Now after two honey blunts I discovered da buds
I'm a call da shorty she gone color me love
And thru the thick of it all she'll simply collect calls
When her daddy got caught up by da law.


Verse 2
Fo real do, fo real do, fo real do
She da girl in da movie and I'm da hero
Stuck wit me when I violate ???
And came up when she started from zero
Baby bash latino Robert Deniro
She got wit me cuz her hubby was a weirdo
And yes suh she lookin' so mighty mighty
Love me cuz I'm fresh so clean so tidy
Now das a piece to da puzzle da ground da hustle
Respect what I'm doin' and love me when I'm in trouble
..and yes suh...oh no
..and yes suh she looking so ???


Verse 3 (Girl singing)
I can't wait to be alone with you
Cuz you're the only boo who do the freaky things you do
You keep me feelin high
You keep my drama low
Yea I'm your shorty boy but you already know


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