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Artist: Baby Boy Da Prince Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Across the Water
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We gettin money over here, hey; I'm
[Chorus: x2]
Gettin rich y'all, and I'm blowin real fast
Cause I really hustle hard for my cash
I don't care about another man's money
Cause Baby Boy he got his own damn money
[Baby Boy Da Prince:]
I'm gettin rich y'all, check out the karats in my wrist boy
The way I'm iced out I know you hate this boy
I switched to dank from [?] now it's [?] boy
Done copped a ride and a lot of niggaz pissed boy
No FEMA checks, hustle hard, this a rich boy
New clothes, new style, new kicks boy
The reason why I claim rich cause I got a lil' change
I'm tryin to get the new Range
The reason why I say I'm blowin real fast
is I just got in the game and I got a lil' cash
Don't need to work hard, that's the way I feel
But if I don't hustle dawg I can't pay my bills; I'm
[Baby Boy Da Prince:]
This year I gotta shine, this year I gotta grind
This year I gotta hustle, this year I'm gon' blow
No purp stain on my lips I stay out of trouble
Cause niggaz be provokin me to put 'em in a tussle
But now I cain't do it, I got a positive mindframe~!
I'm somethin like Spike, I can only do right thangs
God blessed me with a talent now it's time to show off
6 years in the game now it's time to go off
The rapper that I'm bein, I'm tight with no flaws
If you don't hustle hard then you dog with no claws
Hard work straight grindin now I'm almost the boss
Really nuttin changed just my ice and my cars
[Baby Boy Da Prince:]
Look I don't care about another man's money
Cause finally I got my own damn money
I can't get cut short cause I got my own shit
I can't get set back cause I own my own shit
I done made it to the start and now I gotta finish
I'm talkin gettin lil' money but now I'm gettin plenty
Grey Goose, Belvedere, I done bagged off some Henny
And I'm still from the block but don't call me Jenny
Call me Baby Boy, I'm a Prince of the game
I'm stuck on my money like a pimp with his cane
Take another peek at, my neck and my wrist boy
Bank account sky high, cause I'm gettin rich boy
What you say now - gettin money [x4]
What you say now - I done done it again [x4]
Extreme Universal
Hardness on the track
And that's that, a known fact

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