Baby D - Back Up Lyrics

Artist: Baby D Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Off Da Chain
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(BACK UP!) (14x in background)
If we be ackin up, you best be backin' up
(repeat 6x)

If I'm backin up, you better cut of the game
I ain't got to say nothing, just have to tell them my name
I'm the flame, I got mo' flame then a lighter
I ain't trying to be lame, but this ain't nobody fighter
The southern writer, the preacher and keep a heater beside
Oomp Camp and Pastor Troy we letting it ride
So many died, I ain't never been the one for that
So now I travel everywhere with mack mack mack
I crack heads till I'm fed, and I dodge tricks
I cut the game off quick past ninety-six
I'm getting sick of the game
Just handle my business man
I catch ya slippin', I'ma lick ya *** for everything
We Ready

(BACK UP!) (8x in background)
If we be backin up, you best be backin' up
(repeat 4x)

It's little Peter, the ity-bity, short *** color
But it ain't nothing, I got some **** to bust up ya sweater
Head bussa from Augusta, went to talking about
Run up on a mutha****er, then I'm gone pour 'em out
I hang with Loco, Dollar Bill, and Baby D
I'm screaming ready, mutha****er don't **** wit me
A young gangsta, I grew up with them g's from the south
And if it's anger, I'm ready to shuv that in a ***** mouth
***** it's the devil, better not test me funny
Oomp Camp in dis *****
Where the **** is the money
My Pastor told me forever represent for my team
Make them *****s come clean or bust they head with the beam

(BACK UP!) (8x in background)
If we be ackin up, you best be backin' up
(repeat 4x)

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