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Artist: Baby D Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Off Da Chain
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(Baby D)
At the club and see a group of girls in they car, aight then my folk
So you pull up like a big time superstar, yeah,yeah
Roll down the window playing see money aint a thing, aight then my folk
Then one of the girls say ay Baby whats yo name, yeah,yeah
See this go out to my folk in the ATL, whats up then my folk
DZ, Pimp Wood, and Martrel, yeah, yeah
And to the dj's thats playing this song, precate that my folk
To the girl over there with the lil skirt on, aght then my folk

Let me hear you say aight then my folk
you say it, aight then my folk (repeat 4x)

{*Chant till end: aight then my folk*

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