Babylon Whores - Metatron Lyrics

Artist: Babylon Whores Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Cold Heaven
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Chaldean echoes of spectral gloom
Like a pen pal of the gods
No horns no reply

Flowers of sorcery
Like pearls before the swine
Defying space and time
Sez the pineal gland of mine

Given to dreaming witches' lie
It's sweet to close your weary eyes
Given to pentacles and more
Drunk with the blood of the whore

Gimme some Metatron
Damn my immortal soul
But show me something that I don't know
Gimme some Metatron

Given to waning moon
Septuagint whispers of impending doom
Cautes and Cautopates
A shit load of bad ass deities

Wore out my shovel
Burying monsters where they popped up
And it's OK
Doesn't matter anyway

For Babalon above
For Babalon below

Gimme some Metatron

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