Bachelor Girl - Gotta Let You Go Lyrics

Writer(s) : ROCHE/DOKO
Artist: Bachelor Girl Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Waiting for the Day
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It's a sad day

But some good will come of it I guess

And maybe it'll be for the best

As you walk away I know

I gotta let you go

It's not easy

Watching something you cherish fade

But it's the only choice that I can make

You want to be somewhere else I know

I gotta let you go


I gotta let you go


I gotta let you go

It's OK

There's really nothing you can say

I don't hate you that it's gone this way

Some things just ain't meant to be

(So) I gotta let you go

I still can't figure why

joy can erase in the blink of an eye

You no longer need me

just when I let you belong in my life

We had something but whatever it was has gone

And I gotta let you go

So don't stay here when you want to move on

I gotta let you go

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