Backseat Goodbye - 32 Ways to Make You Smile Lyrics

Artist: Backseat Goodbye Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Dressed Up Like Dreams
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you told me 32 ways.
to make you smile.
i did 31 within the first hour.
you stood amazed.
in your delighted shoes.
bewildered but willing.
didn't know what to do.
so i grabbed your cold hand.
pressed it to my beating heart and said.
isn't it neat.
how our bodies tick.
and we can move our feet.
whenever and however we please.
you stared blindly while i waited politely.
in the doorway by our school.
some cars passed and i noticed someone was singing.
"us" by regina spektor.
you know how i had a crush on her.
i know you don't like grey skies.
we know our multiplication tables.
you got straight a's while i was writing fairytales.
and looking out window seals asking why.
the sun shine liked my eyes. and kissed my cheek.
when it knew i was in love with the moon.
and of course with you. well i sped it up.
'cause you don't like slow songs.
you're more of the literal kind.
yeah you're more like the ocean's waves.
you get closer at the end of the day.
when you know i can't see your face.
when you're sure i'm already lost.
love is oh so lovely.
but it also comes with a cost.

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